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Young Engineers steam ahead... with horsepower!

Young Engineers steam ahead... with horsepower!

This year the Young Engineer Club pupils from 1st - 4th Form have been busy during their period 5 co-curricular time building a 4.5 horsepower, 163cc petrol go kart.

The project involved fabricating a steel framed roll cage and chassis. The pupils had to weld the frame and roll cage together, adapt a moped brake system, design and make a set of control pedals and all the related fittings and fixtures for such a vehicle.

There were many design challenges to overcome including making the steering transmission and rear axle, though all involved persevered and remained focussed and determined to complete the task. 

The result was a fully working buggy which many people have now enjoyed testing and driving including Mr McConnell-Wood, Mr Johnson and Dr Mann.

The buggy performed well and it was great to see those that had worked so hard having so much fun.

Rob Frost, Young Engineers Club

Mr Frost, the Headmaster and the Young Engineers Club members would like to extend their sincere gratitude to those sponsors who enhanced the spending budget that we had.   Mr Robin Hall from eSheet (Wisbech) that supplied the buggy with brand new tyres and Mr Phil Hurst of Optima Stainless (King's Lynn) who manufactured and donated the cool laser cut stainless steel side logo panels and various other components.


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