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The Duke of Edinburgh Awards 2016-17

The Duke of Edinburgh Awards 2016-17

A report from Dominic Garfoot on the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.


44 members of the 3rd Form embarked on their D of E Bronze Assessed Expedition earlier this week, a task made more challenging by the blazing sunshine and soaring temperatures. Trekking through the heathland of Thetford carrying a large back-pack, the pupils coped extremely well with the heat and extra weight, completing what is for many the final section of their Bronze award.

D of E Silver Practice Expedition - Peak District

31 pupils and four staff enjoyed the stunning scenery during the D of E Award Silver Practice Expedition to the Peak District recently.  Starting in the Bakewell area and finishing at Tissington, the 3-day expedition saw the pupils experience brilliant sunshine throughout the day and chilly nights as temperatures struggled to get above freezing meaning a slow frosty start in the mornings. All pupils coped well with the expedition which was essential experience ahead of their qualifying expedition in July.  

Assessed Expedition

31 of the 4th Form and six staff had an early start on Sunday 2 July, boarding a coach at 7am as the Silver Assessed Expedition departed for the Peak District. The expedition started from Millers Dale, just outside Bakewell and took the pupils through the rolling hills of the Derbyshire over the following three days. The groups’ routes took in such features as Mam Tor, the Edale Valley, Lose Hill, Win Hill and Curbar Edge, which although not the biggest obstacles, provided a suitable challenge when compared to our local landscape.

The manner in which all participants approached and coped with the challenges of the landscape, the weight of the back-pack and navigation was extremely impressive. All participants passed their expedition section and with just the expedition report and the last few outstanding sections left to complete we hope to be awarding several Silver awards early next term.



  • Hannah Guze
  • Megan Toliday
  • Alexander Bly
  • Harry Beresford-Peirse
  • Max Eales
  • Kevin Guneskara
  • Amber Jones
  • Lee Clark
  • James Thompson

It has been another successful year for the Duke of Edinburgh’s award at Wisbech Grammar School. Seven current pupils and two leavers from 2016 have demonstrated a great deal of resilience and commitment to achieve their Gold Awards. Committing themselves to 12 months of activity while completing the Physical, Skill and Volunteering sections of the award, undertaking a 4-day expedition, this took place in The Julian Alps of Slovenia. As well as completing a 5 day residential, where participants were expected to live and with a group of peers outside of their friendship group while completing a shared objective. Throughout the participants were encouraged to show independence, improve self-confidence and develop new skills, all of which are key to success while at school and in their future lives.

The Gold award is the pinnacle of the scheme; the School also delivers the Bronze and Silver Awards to the lower year groups. We are delighted to note that this academic year we have presented 38 Bronze Awards and 24 Silver Awards.


We are extremely proud of the achievement of all award holders, particularly those who have achieved their Gold Awards. Holding a Gold award says a great deal about the personal qualities of our pupils and will, I am sure, help greatly as they embark on their chosen careers in the future

Dominic Garfoot, DofE Coordinator







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