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Textiles is taught firmly within a design context with individual expression and experimentation encouraged. 

A range of techniques are explored in the lower years including screen printing, batik, tie-dye and collage alongside cultural research, fashion and interior design. Pupils have the opportunity to experiment with Photoshop and Speedstep

Many pupils study Art and Design Textiles at GCSE with the department achieving outstanding results these past years. The practical development of initial ideas and use of media is ambitious. Techniques such as stitch, print, weave, dyeing, felt-making and fabric painting are explored alongside less conventional materials such as paper, metals and plastics. This is supported by making connections with the work of artists and designers in order to create impressive outcomes.

Further creative opportunities can be explored during co-curricular activities and afterschool.  There are also regular trips to museums and Art galleries both in this country and New York.

Pupils have won local and national awards; regular exhibitions take place in School.

Beyond School, pupils pursue Textile Design, Fashion and Marketing, Surface Pattern, Interior Design and Buying courses at University. Many former pupils work in the Fashion and Textile Industry and in other creative fields. 

Art and Textiles Exhibition