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The National Curriculum forms the basis of our lesson plans, though these are developed for greater depth and variety. Particular emphasis is placed on developing competence and independence in reading, written and spoken English and Mathematics.

Particular emphasis is placed on developing competence and independence in reading, written and spoken English and Mathematics.

English is an integral part of all subjects and we emphasize the acquisition of skills in core areas as well as creative writing, drama, poetry and handwriting. Pupils have tuition that can lead to Performing Arts Awards.

Reading is a lifelong, enjoyable activity. We complement reading and the enjoyment of books with regular literary events and book fair visits. We aim to hear pupils read daily, from Reception to Prep 6.

Mathematics is taught daily and children are encouraged to work independently, efficiently and accurately at mental, practical and written calculations. Many pupils take part in the National Junior Maths Challenge.

Science has a high priority in the school. Pupils are taught to predict and devise fair tests, investigate appropriately and to record results in a logical, methodical way. Pupils in Prep 5 & 6 are taught by senior school specialists in a science laboratory.

Religious Education encourages children to develop a sensitive attitude towards multiple beliefs and cultures. Christianity and other principal religions represented in Great Britain are explored in depth. Lessons are enlivened through visits to different centres of worship.

Geography allows children to make sense of their surroundings and appreciate the variety of physical and human features represented in their immediate and wider worlds. Weather, settlements and environmental change are explored, and pupils study localities in Britain and across the World. Field trips (day and residential) further develop skills and understanding.

History gives children a sense of chronology and the causes and consequences of past events. Through the study of historical sources, pupils learn about local history and ancient civilizations. They learn to think critically and develop a curiosity for the past, which is further encouraged through visits to museums, historical places and ‘living history’ events.

PSHCE or Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship (PSHCE) is fundamental to the development of individual potential in all children. The subject promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, emotional, mental and physical aspects of growth. Pupils are encouraged to explore their place in the world and gain an appreciation of fundamental British values.

Modern Foreign Languages, French, German and Spanish, are taught from Prep 1 to Prep 6 by senior school specialist teachers. In Reception, French is taught by the class teacher. Emphasis is placed on oral teaching methods so that pupils gain confidence in speaking another language.

Computing encompasses computer science, information technology and digital literacy. Pupils learn how computer systems work, and they design and build programs. All pupils can access the networked computer rooms and Reception to Prep 6 pupils have weekly lessons with an IT teacher.

Art and Design Technology allows pupils to develop creative and technical skills, using a range of media. This encourages experimentation and nurtures enthusiasm. Pupils study the work of renowned artists and artistic movements.

Music is a unique way of communicating that inspires and motivates children. It is a vehicle for personal expression and development. Music reflects culture and society, and enables children to better understand the world they live in. We provide opportunities for all children to create, play, perform and enjoy music.

Sport is an integral part of the School Curriculum and lessons are held each week. Pupils develop a love of sport, an understanding of its benefits and proficiency in necessary skills. Emphasis is placed on working together in competitive and non-competitive situations in order to foster team spirit and co-operation. Core skills in the major sports, as well as athleticism, agility, movement, swimming and water safety are developed.