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Typically, 100% pupils who apply to the Senior School move on up into that part of the School.

For those who achieve above academically, there is the opportunity to apply for an academic scholarship. Equally, those that have shown qualities in a variety of areas e.g. Sport, Art and/or Music have the opportunity to apply for an ‘All Rounder’ Scholarship.

The extensive provision of extra-curricular activities results in first-rate achievement in a wide range of both team and individual activities. This is demonstrated by our standardised test results reported to parents from Prep 4 to 6.

Our strong emphasis on reading means many pupils leave the Prep school with a reading ability of 14 years or more.

The provision of our Mathematics teaching is such that pupils from Prep 5 and 6 (and occasionally younger) enter the Junior Maths Challenge each year and achieve Bronze certificates and above. Some pupils have gone on to achieve a level equated to the top 25% of all the participants throughout the UK.