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Pupils find inspiration in Cambridge

Pupils find inspiration in Cambridge

On Tuesday 10 October, 40 3rd and 4th Form pupils studying Textiles and Art set out on an image-finding trip to Cambridge.

Armed with sketchbooks and cameras, pupils visited The Fitzwilliam Museum primarily to collect first-hand source material ready to develop into artwork back in the classroom. Highlights were the ceramics, armoury, Greek and Egyptian collections; this gave the opportunity for pupils to get up close and study artefacts. 

Pupils also visited the Degas special exhibition where they were able to see the development of the artist’s work and to see how other famous artists such as Pablo Picasso and Francis Bacon had been inspired by him.  In the afternoon, pupils took a short walk to the Cambridge University Botanic Garden to take photographs and draw from the many impressive collections of plants in the glasshouses and gardens. Valuable visual information was collected by all and we look forward to some exciting work being produced.




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