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Physical Education

For those with a keen interest in sport who want to know how to improve performance, and develop knowledge and understanding.

The GCSE course consists of 60% theory, 30% practical performance and 10% coursework where pupils design and implement their own training programme.

In theory lessons pupils learn how exercise affects the body and how training can help improve performance. Other topics include: applied anatomy and physiology, injury and rehabilitation, the use of performance enhancing drugs, movement analysis, fitness components, fitness testing, training methods, diet and how performance can be improved using sports psychology.  Theory is assessed through two externally set examinations which last 1hr 45 mins and 1hr 15mins respectively.

In the practical unit, pupils must show three separate performances in any sport of their choice and show understanding of their best sport through a critical analysis. In the past, pupils have chosen not only the obvious team games played in School but also Sailing, Golf, Skiing, Ice Dancing, Contemporary Dance  and even Horse Riding. Pupils can also choose whether to physically perform these sports as players or take on the role of official/referee.