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Physical Education

If you thought that PE was all about playing games then you would be wrong; it is far more interesting than that.

Sport has been an integral part of everyday life since man began to walk the earth and it is from these humble beginnings that it has grown into the multidimensional and extraordinarily commercial business that it is today.

During the two-year course you will study 4 units.  Half is theory, which studies Psychology, Physiology, History and contemporary issues whilst using the Olympic Games as a model to look at drug abuse, cheating and the problems of professional sport.  The other half is coursework where you can analyse and further your skills so that you can perform at your best in your chosen practical areas. 

Pupils with A-level Physical Education have access to a wide range of possible career and higher education opportunities.  As PE combines with a range of other subjects, it supports applications for a variety of university courses such as Sports Science, Physiotherapy, Recreation Management and Leisure Studies.  Careers in teaching, fitness, recreational management, the armed forces and the civil service are also possible.