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Children at Magdalene House are happy, safe and confident in their environment. Every child is treated as an individual whose potential our teachers seek to find and nurture. 

Those first years in school lay the foundation for children’s learning throughout the rest of their lives. Children learn how to socialise with their peers in their own class as well as those in other year groups and celebrate differences. The older children are role models for the younger ones and are often seen helping them, guiding them and teaching them in the playground. We help pupils to find ways in which they learn best and keep them focused on reaching their goals while forging lifelong friendships. 

House System

The children are divided into one of four houses: Clarkson, Peckover, Holmes or Sparks.

Pupils gain points-up for working hard academically, representing the school in a way that deserves recognition, or to mark a special achievement. The purpose of our weekly Star Assembly is to celebrate such successes.

House Captains are chosen from Prep 6 and these pupils take a leading part in House Assemblies.

Circle Time

In Circle Time each child has the opportunity to express his or her ideas and feelings, within the safety of the class group. Discussion is directed as confidential. This system promotes positive behaviour through a deeper understanding of the thoughts and feelings of others.


Pupils are always accompanied by an adult when moving around the school and its environs. Similarly, they are encouraged to think about their own contribution to a safe and healthy environment. All the staff hold current First Aid certificates.

Child Protection

The school has a well-established child protection policy and all staff receive regular training. At least two members of staff are given special training and are the appointed designated Child Protection Officers.