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Pastoral Care

All teaching staff are involved in the whole development of every individual with whom they have contact. 

Day-to-day responsibility for the care of pupils is in the hands of Form Tutors.  Each form is selected to reflect an academic, social and gender balance.  Forms have two tutor periods per week when individual difficulties can be attended to and progress reviewed. That time is also used to cover some aspects of our programme of personal, social, health and citizenship education.

The Deputy Head of Section leads regular group meetings of Form Tutors. Any academic or pastoral issues are usually resolved at an early stage by the Form Tutor and Deputy Head of Section.  More difficult matters are reviewed by the Heads of Section and, where appropriate, the Senior Deputy Head.

Parents who have concerns about their son or daughter should always make contact with their child's Form Tutor at School in the first instance.

For serious concerns, requiring immediate attention, contact should be made with the relevant Head of Section or the Senior Deputy Head.