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Academic life in the 6th Form at Wisbech Grammar School provides pupils with a wide range of subjects available for study as linear courses, which forms the core educational experience. Pupils will usually choose 3 A Levels from a selection of over 20 subject options and follow their course for two years, before gaining qualifications which allow them access to university places, apprenticeships and the post A-level job market.

Each of these subjects is taught for six 50 minute periods per week and this programme of learning is enriched in numerous ways. These include discussion groups, lectures, and other activities outside the classroom, such as the Poyser Group, field trips and educational visits. Pupils are expected to spend about four hours per week on each subject during Study Periods and at home, and they also undertake the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) or MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) on subjects of their own choosing. These help to develop independent study skills and enable pupils to experience their subjects beyond the confines of the A-level specifications, resulting in a rich and rewarding curriculum that is individually tailored to provide breadth and depth.
Information about the subjects available in the 6th Form can be found in the booklet belowand this will enable pupils to select subjects that align with their future plans and aspirations, and utilise their areas of strengths and enjoyment.
The academic opportunities in the 6th Form at Wisbech Grammar School provide pupils with every  opportunity to be successful young men and women who are inquisitive and independent thinkers, well-rounded and well-qualified members of society, with a lifelong love for learning.
We look forward to working with them and supporting them on this important stage of their
educational journey
Tansy Castledine
Deputy Head Academic


6th Form Subjects and Option Choices