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Our Vision

Wisbech Grammar School is a community populated by individuals instilled with a sense of purpose and passion. We are proud to be one of the oldest academically selective HMC day schools in the country and to offer our pupils a most remarkable learning experience. Beneath the surface, key components explain why we continue to perform at the highest level with consistently very high pass rates and similar percentages of our pupils going on to study at their first choice university. We also send pupils to Oxbridge, Medical, Veterinary and Dentistry school as well as Ivy League universities in America, every year.

Education at Wisbech Grammar School is a journey where each pupil learns to take responsibility for his or her own learning. We encourage pupils to be involved in all areas of the curriculum and part of our success is undoubtedly due to the commitment of the staff who are more than outstanding. Staff, like the pupils, are involved in teaching, sport, academic and pastoral leadership, clubs and societies.

Pupils at both the Prep School, Magdalene House, and the Senior School are positively encouraged to discover and follow their passions. The holistic education offered across the School provides the ideal foundation for fulfilling potential at school, university and beyond. I hope this website gives you an insight into life at Wisbech Grammar School; I would strongly encourage you to visit and meet the pupils themselves who exemplify the range and diversity of talents at Wisbech and who will leave an indelible impression on you and what education at the school is all about.

Building for the Future

At Wisbech Grammar School we always have an eye to the future. Thinking constantly about how to improve the whole school educational experience for each pupil so that every new cohort we welcome into our very special community receives the very best. Sometimes this manifests itself through new buildings and facilities, such as our wonderful new dining facility Skelton Hall which has transformed our provision of meals. The building is at the centre of our 34-acre campus and acts as our community heartbeat, very much a multifunctional and welcoming space. 

Looking forward, we have ambitious plans to continue to enhance our teaching and learning through the incorporation of a whole school digital learning strategy. The key to all our future development is whatever we build or enhance at Wisbech Grammar School; every decision is taken with the child at the centre of decision-making and chimes with our ethos of providing an all-round education that inspires and prepares our pupils for a world that is developing and changing rapidly. 

Next on the development plan is the conversion of the old dining room into a new, whole school library and resource centre. That will lead us to being able to make concrete plans for a pre-Prep/Nursery Department at the School. At the same time, we have just changed the shape our school day to ensure that Prep School and Senior School timetables dovetail and the exciting new venture of six departments (there will be more) now work with Prep 5 and Prep 6 pupils at Magdalene House; this ensure the top two years benefit from Senior School (subject teacher) specialists as well as senior school facilities. 

Drama and Music have been established as a Performing Arts faculty in their own right this year and we are looking forward to Dance becoming the final piece of the Performance jigsaw in the near future. 

That gives you a taste of what is new and exciting with us, and there is plenty more. So please take the time to come and visit us to learn more about our all-round education that inspires.