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In the words of Albert Einstein: ‘The greatest scientists are artists as well’. Music is an integral part of everyday life and is constantly evolving, inspiring creativity and expression in a way that no other subject can. AQA A-level Music offers the chance to study a wide range of musical genres, through listening, performance and composition, building on the skills developed through GCSE.

The course has a degree of flexibility within it that enables pupils to focus on areas of personal interest. Alongside the study of western art music, there are opportunities to explore pop and jazz, as well as how music is used in media and theatre. The compositional component encourages pupils to develop their own style, in addition to learning about the way music has been crafted by other composers. Performing is the way in which we engage with music on a very personal level, and is an essential aspect of the way in which musicians learn about music.

Music A-level supports progression to Higher Education in music and related subjects, as well as providing all pupils with a platform to inspire a lifelong interest and enjoyment of music. Studying Music at A-level will help you build your problem solving, research, planning, analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as develop your creativity.

Possible careers in music include performing, composing and arranging, education and music therapy, music administration and management, music production and the wider creative industries.