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Modern Foreign Languages

In the Senior School, all pupils study French, German and Spanish in rotation for the first two years. In that time, they get a flavour for each language and the culture associated with it, before choosing two languages in the 3rd Form and at least one to carry on to GCSE.

In the 1st Form, the first week is dedicated to evaluate pupils’ aptitudes in languages. In order to do so, we use the University of York Language Aptitude Test and the pupils are divided up into one of the three classes. This setting is reviewed by the languages teaching team at the end of each term.

Typically, around a third of all pupils are dual linguists and study two languages at GCSE, and some even carry on with all three languages. Most teachers are native speakers and bring a passion for the language and culture of their country. We offer an array of trips to pupils of all ages, from Christmas markets to Chateau trips, exchanges to Germany, France and Spain as well as cross-curricular trips to ensure that the learning of Modern Foreign Languages is relevant, enjoyable and brings 21st century employability to pupils.


In the words of Goethe:

Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own