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We follow the OCR J560 GCSE Mathematics specification. This focuses on problem-solving in Mathematics and pupils will also be expected to prove results such as circle theorems. In many subjects, a good grasp of Mathematics and the ability to apply it is essential.

In addition to the lessons, pupils will have the opportunity to attend Numeracy Club and Maths Help and, for those who wish to stretch their mathematical abilities, there is Maths Challenge Club.

The specification is tested by three 1.5  hour exams at the end of the 5th form. There is no coursework.

Pupils will have the opportunity to study Mathematics and Further Mathematics in the 6th Form. Mathematics with Further Mathematics counts as 2 A-levels and is most suitable for strong mathematicians who will take a mathematical course (e.g. Engineering) at a university. To study Mathematics at A-level we advise at least grade 7 at GCSE. Mathematics at A-level is a very popular choice with approximately 20 pupils choosing this subject each year.