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We offer 2 options for A-level pupils of Mathematics.

Option 1 is to take Mathematics over 2 years in the same way as other A-level subjects.

Pupils will take a total of 3 papers at the end of the 2-year course on the OCR syllabus with the first paper testing pure mathematics, the second paper contains pure maths and statistics and the third paper contains pure maths and mechanics.

The A-level requires hard work, accuracy, attention to detail and a well-organised approach. There is a heavy emphasis on pure mathematics which at A-level means being very good at algebra. Therefore year 11 pupils wishing to take A-level maths should focus on improving their algebraic skills and becoming confident with all the algebra topics which they tackle.

Option 2 is to cover the full Mathematics A-level course in the Lower 6th, as described above, giving pupils the opportunity to then take a second A-level, Further Mathematics, in the Upper 6th. This will involve a further 4 papers, consisting of 2 papers of Further Pure Mathematics and then papers in Statistics and Mechanics.

This option will give pupils the highly valued double A-level in Mathematics which is extremely useful when applying for mathematics, physics and engineering subjects at top universities. The minimum recommended grade to succeed and enjoy Further Mathematics is an A*, (or grade 8 or 9 on the new system) at GCSE Mathematics. Further Mathematics is a subject for gifted mathematicians with high aspirations of tackling mathematical, financial, mechanical or physics courses at university. It is a challenging A-level, but highly rewarding.