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Laura Wright 5th Form pupil aims for Gold in Archery

Laura Wright 5th Form pupil aims for Gold in Archery

We are very proud of Laura Wright (5th Form) who competed at the Fenland Archers Competition on Saturday 25 November. She scored 292 in the first round and then 294 for the second; with 300 per round being the maximum score possible. 

Laura was awarded first place in the Under 18 classification, but also smashed the adult gents and ladies, gaining the highest score of the day. This is an impressive achievement for Laura since she was shooting all day and she proved herself to be a worthy opponent!!                                                                               

Fakenham Bowmen Competition 26th November 2017 (World record status competition).

Laura had no time to recover before she was back competing at Fakenham Bowmen on Sunday 26 November. The pressure was certainly on for this competition since this was a world record status WA18 competition and many archers who compete internationally had entered. This was another impressive performance for Laura since she was yet again awarded first place in the Under 18 classification scoring 555 out of 600. This round was shot on a much smaller target face than the previous day hence Laura’s lower score. Although Laura coming first in the Under 18 classification is impressive, what is more, noteworthy is the fact that compared to the Ladies she came second and compared to the Gents she came eighth. In fact, the highest score of the day went to John Walker MBE and Paralympic Gold Champion who scored 582 and Laura was only 27 points behind him! 

Laura is determined to continue with her archery and is certainly one to watch for the future. Earlier this year she achieved her Junior Bowman status which places her among the top 15% of   Under 18 archers in the country. She is fully supported by Wisbech Grammar School as she does Archery in her Period 5 timetable and in her P.E lessons. 

Laura has worked incredibly hard over the past year to improve her skills and she has been prepared to change some of the ways she has been shooting to enhance her performance.  I am immensely proud of her and am looking forward to her defending her Cambridgeshire Indoor County Champion title in the coming months.

County Coach and Archery GB Judge Sean Fox


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