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Language Perfect Championship..... the Results!

Language Perfect Championship..... the Results!

Over the 10 days the competition ran for, schools from all around the globe battled to get points across a wide range of languages and climb up the leaderboard. We finished the competition 13th in the country.

The battle for first place in school was fierce and even Mrs Neighbour was slightly terrified at times at the lengths some competitors would go to in order to get ahead. In the end, winning in the small hours of the Thursday morning, was Shravan Sharma, with 7777 points.

Runner up, Ursula France with 7278 points, must also be highly commended for an astonishing effort. Shravan, Ursula and Jamie Lawson, who finished third with 5350 point, all win Amazon vouchers with the congratulations of the School.

Certificate level (500 points): Harry Milton (achieved in just two days)

Bronze Level (1000 points): Lily Amps, Kasia Ringwood, Samuel Healey, Ansh Desai, Callum Duncan

Gold Level (3000 points): Silvi Rathod, Laurence Alecock, Anton MacNab, Arina Kokina, Ivan Kokin, Matvei Kokin, Ellessia Orfeo, William Hamilton, Mrs Neighbour, James Lawson, Ursula France and Shravan Sharma.


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