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Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it

George Santayana

This quote says it all; History is a highly relevant subject. Whether on a personal, local, national or international level, both our identity, values and what we hope for in the future are largely defined by what we have been in the past.

Our pupils develop a solid understanding of the past and an enquiring attitude into the causes and consequences of past events through examining many of the great and dramatic events in History, such as the Battle of Hastings, the French Revolution and the building of the British Empire. We examine heroes like Lord Nelson to dictators and tyrants like Hitler and King Henry VIII. Alongside the famous, we consider the lives of the ordinary and downtrodden with studies on medieval peasants and African slaves. The horrors of the 20th century are explored, in considerable depth, including both world wars and the Holocaust.

Pupils engage in a range of exciting activities, including role play, debate and the handling of artefacts. Out of classroom learning enlivens understanding of the subject, so pupils enjoy many field trips. 1st Form pupils visit Castle Rising to experience the Middle Ages. 3rd Form students visit battlefields in France and Belgium to enhance their understanding of Britain’s role in the Great War.