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Harriet: My life in the 6th Form

Harriet: My life in the 6th Form

Harriet: My life in the 6th Form, and why Wisbech Grammar School is right for me!

As someone who has experienced moving school themselves and as a current Lower 6th Form pupil at Wisbech Grammar School, I know how especially daunting and difficult choosing which, or even whether, 6th Form is right for you. To help make this decision a little easier, I am going to share with you a snapshot of what my everyday life is like in the 6th Form

The ethos of the School is an ‘all round education that inspires’ and, especially from the incredible experience I have received over my eight years at the School, this is exactly what is offered to every pupil. For instance, my everyday routine is an exceptionally busy one, but that’s the way I like it. Along with my academic studies, I take part in a multitude of extra-curricular activities which I feel are indispensably important in helping develop me as a person; this is one of the many fantastic aspects of Wisbech Grammar School as there is an endless list of amazing opportunities on offer for students of all abilities and interests so no matter where your passion lies, there is bound to be something which will appeal to you!

I am currently a member of the 1st XI Hockey, 1st VII Girls Rugby, 1st XI Girls Cricket and 2nd VII Netball teams which I thoroughly enjoy which may seem overwhelming. However, each term a different sport is on offer so don’t worry if you are a conscientious worker but still a keen sports player, there is plenty of time and support which enables you to excel at both.

Along with this, every year I have appeared in the annual school production which is undoubtedly one of the highlights of my school year. The school production is such an invaluable experience which I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in drama, or sound and lighting, and each year the production is even more spectacular. Over the years, we have put on breath-taking performances of ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘Macbeth’ and this year we did a modernised version of ‘The Canterbury Tales’. Furthermore, to add to the excitement, this summer we are travelling as a company up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for a week where we will be performing an original play written by ourselves.

If you are a language fanatic, then Wisbech Grammar School is an excellent place for you! For example, I am a ‘Language Leader’, and I would highly recommend taking part in this as it is a great way to practice your languages and reinforce your knowledge. As a language leader we spend half a term receiving a crash course in how to teach effectively and entertainingly, whilst planning our lessons which we then exercise when we go into Magdalene House (our prep school) and teach certain year groups; for instance, I taught Spanish to the Reception class which was just adorable and surprising how quickly they picked it up.

This year I have also been a member of our Young Enterprise team, ‘Alias’ This is specific to Lower 6th pupils,  and it is such an amazing experience to  receive an insight into what running a small business entails while being in competition with other local Young Enterprise businesses. Not only is this enjoyable and invaluable, if you are successful you can even gain some cash at the end!

To ensure that every pupil is able to find the time within their busy schedules to take part in as many extra-curricular commitments as they would like, the School have recently introduced a new structure to the timetable which includes seven, fifty-minute periods a day, including one (period five) which is dedicated specifically to co-curricular clubs and activities. My examples only show a small section of the extensive list of opportunities that are on offer, to comment on this a little more: in the Science Department, there is biology clinic, chemistry/physics/biology discussion group and a Vet/Med Society which is particularly geared to those interested in that area for university. Also, if you fancy trying something new, in the Design and Art Department you can try photography or 3D club, or if you’re more of a Humanities person, then there is debating society and geography discussion group.

6th Form is fundamentally there to get you ready for the next chapter in your life, and if you are looking to go to university, then Wisbech Grammar School is a fantastic place to steer you in the right direction for that. For instance, you will receive so much valuable advice to ensure that whatever you choose is perfect for you. Also, it gives you lots of chances to stand out in your application helping you get where you want to go. An example of this: There is a chance to do an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) along with your three A-Levels which is incredibly creditable for university as it shows how you cope with independent learning as that is predominantly what you will be doing at university; along with my four AS Levels (English, History, French and Chemistry) I am working on a fashion and design based EPQ.

The best advice I can give anyone undecided on what path to take after Year 11 is make sure you do whatever you enjoy, and that you are happy with your choices then you can’t go wrong! I personally feel that Wisbech Grammar School is a great place to ensure you are content as with everything on offer there will be something available that you enjoy!


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