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Government and Politics

Who tells you when you can vote? Or when you can drive? Or if Britain is going to go to war again? The people who make these decisions are elected by you and I, and this course tells you about them.

If you have an interest in current affairs, or if you care about how our country is being run, then the Government and Politics course will tell you all you need to know. In the first year, we study the UK. This looks at the people in power in Parliament, as well as those on the outside in pressure groups and political parties who want to take power. In the Upper 6th, attention is turned to the USA where Congress is scrutinised alongside the President and the Supreme Court.

Pupils visit Parliament for a tour and Cambridge for a debating competition. You will get to meet guest speakers and famous politicians. You will also get to know what you can do for your country, and what it has done for you.