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The Edexcel Certificate International GCSE specification gives pupils an opportunity to study traditional topics which are updated to provide a contemporary and relevant understanding of the world in which we live. 

It has a strong focus on developing practical enquiry skills to underpin geographical knowledge and understanding.  Pupils will investigate our dynamic planet, its processes, people and interactions between them.

Choosing Geography enables pupils to construct useful A-Level combinations in preparation for University and beyond. In addition to a breadth of knowledge, critical skills are developed through the evaluation of written, numerical, graphical and cartographical information.

In the 4th Form, we study units on Rivers, Natural Hazards and Fragile Environments, linking the physical processes to challenges we face in the world today, for example water scarcity and hazard management. The 5th Form curriculum focuses on Economic Geography and Urban Environments, covering topics such as the rapid urbanization of mega cities and impacts of deindustrialisation.

Fieldwork is a compulsory element of each topic and accounts for 25% of the final grade. Pupils choosing Geography are expected to attend a residential field trip to a Field Study Centre during the half term break in the Michaelmas Term of the 5th Form.

Pupils are assessed through two final examinations covering the physical and human topics and fieldwork.