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From seaweed to scones…

From seaweed to scones…

From Sushi to Scones... Prep School pupils explore the world of food

Head of Food & Nutrition, Alison Sloan, is very keen to ensure our Prep children (Prep 3-6)  learn all about food and healthy eating; this enables them to make wiser choices as young adults and learn more about the importance of a nutritionally balanced diet and the effects poor nutrition can have on mind and body.

Taking into account core competencies for children, published by the British Nutrition Foundation and the Food Standards Agency, Alison and her team deliver regular lessons and events aimed at younger pupils that provide the opportunity to get involved in different food-related trips and events.

Taste-testing has been a big part of the scheme and pupils have embraced this experience, tasting different types of seafood, including seaweed.  As well as taste testing, the pupils have been working on an ‘eat well plate’ and the importance of water in their diet.


We have been so impressed with our younger pupils and their willingness to taste an array of food for the first time!

Alison Sloan, Head of Food & Nutrition

The importance of basic cooking skills is a life skill and understanding the effect of food and healthy eating is an important part of the curriculum at Wisbech Grammar School.








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