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Food and Nutrition

The country has a shortage of food skilled people. The food industry is one of the biggest and includes areas such as agriculture, manufacturing, retail, sports science, product development, journalism, dietetics, to name just a few. 

It not only teaches lifelong skills, but it is also relevant to our society with problems discussed such as dietary disease and food poverty. The IGCSE is science based and overlaps with many other subjects such as chemistry and biology.

We follow the CIE specification with topics such as nutritive value of foods, digestion and absorption, dietary guidelines, composition of foods, cooking methods, raising agents, food hygiene and kitchen planning. We study for a theory paper, but we also carry out a practical every week in preparation for a practical examination where five skilled dishes have to be cooked and served in two and a half hours. Through the practical lessons we learn to make sauces, pastries, breads, cakes, meat handling, fish handling, vegetable preparation and biscuits. In addition we undertake the CIEH Level Two Food Hygiene Examination.

IGCSE Food and Nutrition offers an excellent step into A-levels and into the many food linked courses at University. There will always be jobs in the food industry.