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Drama and Theatre Studies

Alfred Hitchcock famously asked ‘What is drama but life with the boring bits cut out?’ and this qualification would agree with that sentiment whole-heartedly.

OCR’s A-level in Drama and Theatre has been designed to be a practical, engaging and creative specification for learners to study. It will provide them with opportunities to interrogate drama and the work of others, to explore a range of drama as a practical art form, and to work independently to create their own drama performances making informed artistic choices.

The exam consists of 60% practical examination and 40% written paper. The practical work involves both a practitioner-inspired devised piece and a scripted performance. The written papers require the study of three set texts.

The main purpose of this qualification is to allow learners to study drama and theatre in an academic setting, interrogating this art form and applying their knowledge and understanding to the process of creating and developing drama and theatre and to their own performance work. There are no set texts in the non-exam components so that teachers should have the freedom to choose the texts which are best suited to their learners.

This specification provides that freedom. The studying of Drama & Theatre does not pigeon-hole you into a life within the Performing Arts sector: the subject helps to create independent learners, critical thinkers and effective decision makers – all personal attributes that can make you stand out as you progress through their education and into employment. However, if acting, musical theatre or technical theatre is where you want to go there couldn’t be a better qualification for you.