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Science is about knowing; engineering is about doing!

Science is about knowing; engineering is about doing!








This term has seen the usual flurry of activity in the DT workshop. During period 5 the pupils have totally rebuilt the buggy axle and engine with a new sprocket, new axle, chain and new safety chain guard.








Also, 3rd Form pupils completed the building of radios which were well crafted and demonstrated all of the hard work that the pupils had put into their projects. Meanwhile, the 4th Form have been building iPod docks which involved them building the amplifier circuit, the main casing and laminating a plywood headphone holder to their own shape. The results were of a very high quality and some of the pupils even extended the project and added a radio combining an iPhone holder. The L6th have also been busy; they designed and built a bluetooth speaker which involved 3D modelling the product to scale and from that sending many of the individual components to the CAM machines we have in the workshop to produce the final product. 

Pupils demonstrated the effective mix of Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacture and traditional handcraft skills to create a high-quality product. The standard of the computer-generated models they produced has resulted in images that look so realistic that some people couldn't believe they were not real products and backgrounds. For the first time, pupils also made extensive use of the 3D printer that was kindly donated by Mr Tim Smith and Mr Nick Osborne in September 2017.

 Congratulations to all of our pupils on their endeavours and we look forward to exploring and using new CAD software that our colleagues in the IT support department have installed on the school system for us. These include new 3D industrial standard software 3D solid works and the world-renowned AutoCAD 2018. These will further help our pupils to push the boundaries of design and their imagination and we are very grateful for that opportunity.

Rob Frost, Head of Design Technology


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