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Design and Technology Product Design

The new 2017 Design and Technology Product design A level course has been devised after consultation between the exam boards, James Dyson, the Design & Technology Teachers Association and the Engineering council to equip young designers and engineers of the future with the skills they will need for an ever increasing technical workplace.

The Product Design course achieves these aims through a 2-year linear course that develops an individual’s core technological knowledge and their practical creativity, innovative flair and capability.

Pupils will study core technological principles including scientific and maths appropriate to originating sustainable and responsible design concepts which will be assessed by a 2 ½ hour exam at the end of the 2-year course which counts for 50 % of their final A level grade.

During the first year of the course, pupils will complete small practical exercises in the workshop to develop their practical skills before moving onto their major coursework. This will start during the Lent term of the L6th year and finish at Lent Half term of the U6th year with the final project being unveiled at the coursework presentation evening before the Easter break. The coursework will consist of a 40-page A3 portfolio a high-quality working prototype of their product to the requirements of a specific client ready for commercial production. The coursework will also count towards 50 % of the final A level grade.