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Design and Technology

Design and Technology gives pupils the ability to acquire the knowledge and skills to take an active role in an increasingly technological world and offers a wide spectrum of skills that industrial and commercial employers are looking for in the modern workplace, such as the ability to solve practical problems and work as a team.

The new GCSE has been developed by the exam board working alongside a group of industrialists (or DT stakeholders as they are called) headed by Sir James Dyson and the Engineering Council. This is an exciting course as pupils who gain this experience and can demonstrate these skills can expect to branch out into a vast range of career opportunities. They can be confident in the knowledge that their course and the skills they have learnt are fully approved by industry.

Design and technology is a subject of fundamental importance. Logical, creative and practical – it’s the only opportunity that school pupils have to apply what they learn in maths and science – directly preparing them for a career in engineering.

James Dyson 2015

Engineering is the foundation of our economy. Almost £500bn is the gross value added of sectors where engineering is an important component – about a third of the economy – and yet there’s a shortage of engineers. We’ll need about 1m more scientists and engineers in the economy by 2020.

Professor Brian Cox 2012

Young Engineers Club