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Coveted Cranmer award success for three WGS pupils

Coveted Cranmer award success for three WGS pupils

The Cranmer Awards are an annual competition run by the Prayer Book Society to introduce young people to the 1662 Book of Common Prayer - the bedrock of the Anglican Church and said to be among the finest writing to be found anywhere.

Entrants from across the country read or recite a passage of their choice, 3-5 minutes in duration, from the Book of Common Prayer. Local heats are held around the country, and the winners of the heats go through to the National Final where competitors must recite their chosen passage by heart. Entrants are encouraged to ask a teacher or a priest for guidance on how to prepare for the Cranmer Awards.

There are two age groups: Juniors (11-14 years) and Seniors (15-18 years). To enter the Junior class you should be at least 11 but not yet 15 on 1st February next; senior class 15 but not yet 19 on 1st February next.

Ideally suited to pupils of English, drama or RE, the Cranmer Awards allow young people to experience the sheer magic of Cranmer's language.

Paddy Calow, Callum Duncan and Ellie Sloan all acquitted themselves with honours yesterday morning.  Representing the School and competing against Norwich High School for Girls, Gresham’s and St Clements, the boys participated alongside fifteen other candidates in the Junior Class and were complimented for their voice projection skills. They both overcame nerves to follow celebrity judge Anne Robinson's advice to enjoy the complexities of Thomas Cranmer's language and to deliver it with appropriate use of pause and pace. 





Ellie Sloan, returning from her competition debut last year, was awarded first place in the Senior Class and will be going forward to the National Finals at The Bishop's Old Palace in Worcester on 24 February 2018.  For that event, she will present her choices from the Book of Common Prayer by heart and will be in the company of nineteen other regional finalists from all over the country.  Anne Robinson commended Ellie for her ambition to become a theatre director and engaged her in a lively conversation about current West End trends during the coffee break.




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