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Chemistry is universally considered as the "central science".  Research in ground-breaking areas such as genetics, medicine, materials science, forensics, nanotechnology, drug discovery, and fulfilling the future energy demands of the planet are all driven by chemistry. 

The GCSE course builds upon the concepts studied in the 3rd Form.  However, Chemistry splits into three distinct disciplines – organic, inorganic and physical.  As the course progresses, links between the three disciplines will develop and allow a more thorough understanding of the subject as a whole.

The theory is supported by essential practical work that reinforces the concepts covered during lessons and develops vital skills that include the competent use of equipment, collecting and analysing data, and the construction of conclusions.

The course can be challenging at times, but extremely rewarding. If approached with the correct work ethic, the subject becomes easier as the course progresses as key concepts are revisited and appear in multiple topics.