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6th Form pupils choose this subject because they have enjoyed its study and been successful at GCSE. The continual synthesis of theory and experiment is an attractive combination for many pupils.

Chemistry is a vital component in virtually all science courses and is consequentially often combined with other subjects such as Biology, Maths and Physics. However, it can also be successfully combined with many others.

6th Form pupils study for the examinations administered by OCR. Besides preparing for A-level, the department has considerable experience in preparing pupils for Oxbridge entrance.

Over the two years involved, all the work defined in the specification is taught in an integrated and logical way. However, material outside this is also covered wherever it helps in the understanding of the chemistry involved or reflects the interests and talents of the pupils.

Experimental work is carefully used to develop skills and ranges from that intended to reinforce the organic, inorganic and physical theory, to open-ended and discovery practicals.

Our A-level Chemists go on to a wide variety of degree courses and many have commented on the importance of their time at Wisbech Grammar School’s Chemistry Department in preparing them for university study.

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