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“Biology is the study of the complex things in the Universe. Physics is the study of the simple ones.” R. Dawkins

Biology is the study of life; it helps us to understand the world in which we live and reminds us about our interconnectedness with other living things. 

At Wisbech Grammar School, we aim to inspire a fascination with the natural world in all our pupils and encourage them to learn about the central role of Biology in our lives.

The Biology Department is vibrant and well-resourced with four experienced, enthusiastic Biologists who combine exciting teaching methods and academic rigour to teach.

Practical Biology lies at the heart of our teaching: 4th and 5th Form pupils investigate numerous molecular mechanisms and dissect a variety of organisms. In 3rd to 6th Forms, there are opportunities to study for the CREST Awards at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, as well as the Biology Challenge in the 4th Form.

There is a thriving fortnightly Biology Discussion Group that maintains its own independent blog and podcasts its meetings.