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Art, Graphics and Textiles

The 6th Form Studio is the main location for the work produced by A Level pupils. It is where work is developed in so many original ways that it really needs to be seen. It is the level of discussion, enthusiasm for exploration and interest in developing skills to the highest level that make so many succeed in both Fine Art and Graphics.

The course is structured to enable all pupils to expand their Artistic horizons. Trips are organised and research is targeted for each individual. Drawing is seen as an essential skill, but resources are collected for projects in a variety of ways including photography and digital art. Our suite of macs familiarises pupils with the format used in so many professional design studios.

In the Lower 6th Form, pupils are introduced to new methods of working and a deeper understanding of the formal qualities of creating artwork. This is consolidated with a written project that explores the use of techniques and processes by a range of Artists. In the Upper 6th, each pupil is expected to become even more independent in their focus for a major project. This includes a written and visual research project where first-hand study is very important and so visits to galleries, collections, design studios or communication with practising artists are encouraged.

All pupils studying Fine Art or Graphical Communication produce a portfolio of work that is not only fulfilling the requirements of an A Level curriculum to the highest standard, but also with the aim of gaining entry to an Art & Design course, whether that is Fine Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Advertising, Architecture and many more. Many past pupils are now very successful professionals in all of these areas.

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