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Another successful year for the Duke of Edinburgh’s award

Another successful year for the Duke of Edinburgh’s award

It has been another successful year for the Duke of Edinburgh’s award at Wisbech Grammar School. Seven current pupils and two leavers from 2016 have demonstrated a great deal of resilience and commitment to achieve their Gold Awards. Committing themselves to 12 months of activity while completing the Physical, Skill and Volunteering sections of the award, undertaking a 4 day expedition, this for those pictured took place in The Julian Alps of Slovenia. As well as completing a 5 day residential, where participants are expected to live and with a group of peers outside of their friendship group while completing a shared objective. Throughout, the participants have been encouraged to show independence, develop self-confidence and develop new skills, all of which are key to success while at school and in life post school.


Gold award recipients are:


Hannah Guze
Megan Toliday
Alexander Bly
Harry Beresford-Pierse
Max Eales
Kevin Guneskara
Amber Jones
Lee Clark
James Thompson


The Gold award in the pinnacle of the scheme, the School also delivers the Bronze and Silver Awards to the lower year groups. We are delighted to note that this academic year we have awarded 38 Bronze Awards and 24 Silver Awards.

We are extremely proud of the achievement of all award holders, particularly those who have achieved their Gold Awards. Holding a Gold award says a great deal about the personal qualities of our pupils and will, I am sure, help greatly as they embark on their chosen careers in future life

Dominic Garfoot, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Co-ordinator



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