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Annual House Quiz takes on new format

Annual House Quiz takes on new format

The annual House Quiz Competition followed a new format this year. Rather than the traditional, semi-final, final format, the competition was held over three rounds, on a round robin basis.

The four Houses were required to select a member of each year group (only one 6th Former) to make a team of six.  Over the three weeks, each House went head to head with one another to answer questions on specialist subjects. This added a further dilemma for the teams; was it best to stick with the same team throughout or tweak the team from week to week, to account for ‘specialist knowledge’. 

Over the three rounds the winning House was awarded three points per win, the loser one point, but there was also a winner/loser bonus point available in particularly close bouts. Throughout there was no clear favourite and as the weeks passed the competition became tighter with all bouts closely fought and bonus point completely changing the landscape.

The overall placings will be announced in the final assembly, but the scoring went down to the wire. The Houses could not be separated and so points scored and points conceded over the three rounds had to be taken into account. In all, a thoroughly enjoyable and competitive House Quiz competition, but who will emerge victorious?


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