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A Level Results

Results at Wisbech Grammar School remain consistently amongst the best in three counties at both GCSE and A level. 

When selecting subjects to choose for A Level, Careers and Form Tutors offer guidance to ensure that pupils choose subjects which are both consistent with their ability/aptitude and are the right subjects for possible future careers.

Statement from Chris Staley, Headmaster:

Once again I am really pleased with the A’ level results this year.  With so much change in the education and examination system, the pupils have managed this very well, and their results reflect their resilience, hard work and the dedication of the teaching staff, plus the unerring support of parents alike.  With a pass rate in excess of 97%, and more than 51% achieving the top grades and (more than) 76% of the year group receiving A*-C’s, this year’s results have provided the boys and girls of WGS with the springboard to go on to university with more than 60% of pupils achieving their first choice university.

Just some of the highlights are:

  • Waleed Asif A* Maths and 2 A’s Biology and Chemistry and is off to Liverpool to read Medicine.

  • Mollie Allen: 3 A’s – Textiles, Geography and P.E and is going to Loughborough to read Information Management and Business.

  • Maddie Booth: 2 A’s Politics and English and B in Geography- Maddie is off to Warwick to read Politics and Global Sustainable Development

  • George Bone: A* Business and 2 A’s in Biology and Chemistry- George is off to Birmingham to read Biological Science

  • Ben Martin: 3 A’s in Politics, German and Spanish- Ben is off to Warwick to read German and Spanish.

Our Heads of School Ben York and Izzy Hall are going to their first choice universities at Liverpool and York to read Physics and Biology

The AS results are probably a notch or two higher than the A’ levels which is fantastic news.  With so many schools dropping AS’s completely, our bold decision to stick with them for this year has been justified, and the L6th can move forward to their final year with a real feeling of confidence in all they have achieved.  The L6th pupils must be congratulated for their results where top grades were achieved by over 45% of the year group and the A-C pass rate was in excess of 68% which is more than a 10% improvement over the year before.  Such results bode very well for the future.