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6th Form Social event

6th Form Social event

On Thursday 21 September 55 pupils and 6 teachers attended the first 6th  Form social event of the year, designed to promote a sense of community within the 6th Form, encouraging both year groups to become more integrated. 

An enjoyable night was spent if a little sweaty, two hours in a fierce battle in the laser tag arena, competing for the coveted prize – a tub of Celebrations! 

After a round robin of games between all 6 teams, some of which included teachers, the winning team was declared – Team B!

Jack Clingo won the trophy from Play 2 Day for the highest score achieved during the evening. 


Both pupils and staff had a fantastic time, and it was great to see the pupils socialising with each other and competing to be the best laser tag team.

 The 6th Form are now planning their next social event for the end of term – the Michaelmas Ball.


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