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6th Form Pupil Katy Landles raises £2800 for Children & The Arts

6th Form Pupil Katy Landles raises £2800 for Children & The Arts

Months of hard work and planning has resulted in 6th Form pupil Katy raising £2800 for a charity very close to her heart; Children & The Arts.  This was achieved by Katy holding an art auction at the school with the full support of teachers and staff. 

We wanted to find out more about how Katy got started on this fundraising path, so we asked her a few questions to discover more about her interests and passion for the arts.

Q) Where did you get the idea of doing an art auction?

A) I have always been passionate about art having grown up constantly making arts and crafts on the kitchen table or visiting exciting exhibitions and galleries. Also, my dad and uncle run an auction house so from an early age I have been involved with helping ‘lot up’ as well as watching the auction take place with baited breath as the bids get higher and higher. Consequently, mixing the two together to create and Art Auction seemed ideal, especially as I would love to have a career in the art market in the future – organising and running the auction has only made me catch the buzz for the art world even more!


Q) How did you find the process of organising it?

A) Organising an art auction on top of my A Levels was at times incredibly stressful, however for the majority of the time I absolutely loved it. To start with, I didn’t expect to get more than 25 works so to end up with 50 was an incredible surprise and achievement! I loved communicating and working with the artists, whether they are fellow pupils or international figures, explaining the charity Children & The Arts and persuading them to donate to this fantastic cause. As the auction day neared I loved hanging the works – effectively curating an exhibition of 50 works was challenging but also exciting to see the works hanging for the first time. I also became quite handy with a screwdriver and hammer! Furthermore, the School has been unbelievably supportive ever since I started the project in September, making the experience even more enjoyable. And of course, it has helped that I have an auctioneer in the family if I was ever stuck for advice!


Q) Why did you choose to support Children & the Arts?

A) For me, Children & the Arts are an invaluable charity, and I am incredibly passionate about the work they do. I strongly believe that having benefited from the arts as a child myself, every child should have the opportunity and the ability to embrace and access the arts. I really feel that the arts have helped to shape the person that I am today and am passionate that every child should have the chance to delve into their imagination and fulfil their creativity as I was able to.


Q) Why do you think the work Children & the Arts does important?

A) The charity enables children to access the arts, and this is incredibly important as they support communities and local arts associations to deliver such an essential part of growing up.


Q) Can you tell us anything about your own experience of the arts?

A) I have always been passionate about art having grown up constantly making arts and crafts on the table or visiting exciting exhibitions and galleries. I continue to visit exhibitions during my holidays and try to surround myself with art as much as I can, whether that be attending History of Art club or relating my coursework to art. I hope to study History of Art at a university to follow my passion for the subject and hopefully lead to a career involved with the Arts!


To discover more about WGS and their fundraising efforts visit their website www.wisbechgramamr.com/latest-news or call the Admissions Team on 01945 586750 or Admissions@WisbechGrammar.com

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