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1st Form Geography Fieldtrip to Wells-Next-The-Sea

1st Form Geography Fieldtrip to Wells-Next-The-Sea

On Tuesday 16 May, the 1st Form Geographers went to Wells to investigate the sand dune ecosystem. The pupils took part in a series of activities including sand dune profiling, vegetation surveys, soil characteristic surveys and field sketching in order to answer three enquiry questions. These looked at sand dune succession, how stable the sand dunes are at Wells and what threatens their existence..

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day and have learnt how to use a wide variety of fieldwork equipment including ranging poles, clinometers, quadrats, soil moisture and pH probes and identification charts. They also tried to work out the type of soil present along a transect from the beach to the pine woodland – this involved mixing the soil with water in their hands and trying to form balls and ribbons with it. Back in the classroom, pupils will analyse the primary data they have collected to draw conclusions for each enquiry question. They will also evaluate their data collection techniques and think of how the investigation could be improved.


Fieldwork is an essential component of the Geography curriculum at Wisbech Grammar School. It enables pupils to develop their subject knowledge, experience the environment beyond the classroom and gain important investigative and critical thinking skills. Most importantly it is great fun and supports the enjoyment of Geography.


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